Victory Resources Corporation

VICTORY RESOURCES CORPORATION (CSE – VR) is a publicly traded junior international mining corporation with interests in North America. The company is currently developing its existing operation in South Central British Columbia. The company is currently seeking other opportunities.

Victory Resources Corporation has approximately 24,000,000 shares issued and outstanding.

The Mal - Wen British Columbia, Canada | Target: Copper

  • + Located 30 km south east of Merritt.
  • + Constitutes 4 contiguous claims for a total of 1954.4-acres - all claims are 100% owned by Victory Resources Corp.
  • + Access through logging roads off highway 97C, Look Lake Road exit.
  • + The drilling on the property has been narrowly focused on a couple of high.

Power Metals Introduction

There is currently a large demand for power metals, driven by small scale battery production for electric cars, and smart phones, as well as large scale power storage for Countries and corporations.

The demand for these power metals is becoming increasingly mainstream as Apple just announced that it will be purchasing its Cobalt directly from mines to ensure it has a steady supply as demand grows. Large-scale energy storage systems will play an important role in the energy supply of the future.

Strategic Mineral Focus

+ COBALT: Primarily used in small scale battery production, such as smartphones, laptops and electric cars. Tech companies and car manufacturers are the primary buyers for this mineral. As demand increases there is an ongoing strain to increase supply. Majority of cobalt is sourced out of Democratic Republic of Congo, however due to unstable political conditions, other geographical locations are being targeted.

+ VANADIUM: Used mainly as an energy storage metal, it will be the primary metal used in large scale energy storage. Among its many attributes, theoretically, it has an unlimited cycle life and the ability to rapidly release large amounts of electricity, as well as being extremely scalable. Countries looking for viable clean energy solutions to power the increasing energy consumption of their population, are putting in place large-scale green energy storage solutions which has driven the demand for Vanadium.

+ LITHIUM: A popular energy storage metal which is used in most smartphone, laptop and electric car batteries. It is the most commonly known power metal and as such its demand will continue to grow in both large scale energy storage and electric car battery markets.

+ COPPER: A highly conductive material, copper is primarily used for electrical wiring. Due to today’s increased use of electrical machinery and technology demand for copper has significantly grown. It is a key factor in the green revolution of energy that we are going through as it is enables the energy generated from the other power metals to flow through our devices. Currently copper is not being mined fast enough to meet the upcoming demand.

+ MANGANESE: The 4th most traded metal in the world, primarily because it’s indispensable in the production of steel and other alloys. Manganese Oxide is used in Lithium Ion Batteries and as such is the fastest growing manganese sector.

STRATEGIC ACQUISITION FOCUS - Other projects Victory is actively investigating are in the clean energy sector. In this sector, the Company is focused specifically upon exploration opportunities to source green energy power minerals for use in battery production. Victory’s interests in this sector are guided by the following guidelines:

  • + Identifying opportunities in regions that are conducive to mining due to the regulatory nature of the government with existing infrastructure.
  • + Identifying opportunities in geographical locations that provide easy access large markets for these metals.
  • + Identifying opportunities with locations with existing mine shafts.

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